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Western Irrigation and Multi-States Irrigation are committed to becoming the leaders in Sub-surface Drip Irrigation (SDI) supply and design.  We service the High Plains and beyond with cutting edge irrigation equipment, technology, and knowledge, with the sole purpose of making your operation more profitable.

Subsurface Drip Irrigation is a modern irrigation technique that can be utilized on a variety of vegetables and commodity crops.  Furthermore, an SDI system can be made to fit a variety of field shapes and elevation changes that neither flood irrigation nor center-pivot irrigation systems suit.  With proper management, systems installed by Western Irrigation and Multi-States Irrigation can last for decades.  Its benefits are both substantial and numerous and include:

After the tape is plowed in, according to our design, we lay the pipe and tie in the tape with the highest quality fittings.

What installation looks like

Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI)


If you are interested

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What you can expect

The main thing a producer can expect from working with Western Irrigation, Multi-States Irrigation and our dealers is Quality. Quality is what we strive for and a quality irrigation system is what you will get.  To ensure you get a superior system, we use the highest quality tape: T-Tape and Chapin Tape, and the highest quality components.

We begin by visiting your field and surveying it with a GPS system to map out the shape and elevation changes. Then, if needed, a water sample is taken to ensure the well is suitable for an SDI system.  Finally, a quote is prepared and then, when you are ready, installation can begin.

Once the tape is tied in, we complete the well tie-in, which varies depending on the filters, control system, probe selection, and fertilizer system that the producer chooses to install based on their own needs.  Our SDI systems are custom designed and vary greatly for every producer and every field.

The first step is to plow in the drip tape.

“Quality is our Guarantee”